The BTM9010 is a wireless building monitoring system consisting of universal Modbus receivers (MOD9000D or MOD9200D) or repeater (RR1552 or RR2552), interface cable and the SensorView® Monitoring and Logging Software.

The system is a real time monitoring, and logging hardware and software package designed to work with a Window© based PC with an Ethernet/LAN port. The logged file is compatible with Excel© and other applications. The logged information can be retrieved easily for additional energy and performance analysis.

The BTM9010 can be used with any Trs Systems wireless space, duct, immersion, outside air sensor and signal repeater to create a wireless monitoring application quickly and economically.
The maximum radio transmission distance is dependent on building type. The maximum open-air transmission distance is one mile. In a typical commercial building with steel I-beam construction, concrete floors with reinforcing rod, and metal stud walls, it can be expected that transmissions will penetrate vertically through floors and horizontally through 200 to 500 feet of walls, furniture and air.

Generally a wireless system without repeater will cover at least three floors - one floor above and one floor below the receiver location. In some buildings with favorable transmission characteristics the system may cover more floors.

The RR1552 or RR2552 signal repeaters can be installed as needed to increase transmission distance between sensors and receivers.

Window© based PC compatible software

BTM9010A monitors up to 50 remote wireless devices or up to 100 analog and/or digital points per Modbus receiver or

Real time monitoring, alarming and logging functions

Digital & analog limit alarms

Automatic alarm notification to pagers & cell phones using email

Mathematic functions are available for flow or energy calculations

Logged file is compatible with MS Excel © (.TXT format)

Adjustable logging interval

Data log files can be automatically sent to remote locations via email or FTP at scheduled intervals

Expandability – Additional MOD9200 receivers can be added in the future

Reliable 900 MHz spread spectrum technology

Installation cost saving in “difficult-to wire” applications

Suitable for:
- Energy monitoring and audit applications
- Building performance diagnosis
- High temperature building treatment application
- Many others