The RC2110 series 2000 wireless humidity system controller utilizes reliable Spread Spectrum mesh network Radio technology. Together with other existing Trs Systems WH2630 wireless space humidity sensors and DH2630 wireless duct humidity sensors, the RC2110 controller will control the humidification/de-humidification equipment based on the average space humidity (up to 12 zones).
RC2110A Humidification Controller - If the average space humidity is lower than the average space humidity set point, the humidifier will be activated after a preset time delay (adjustable) by a relay output from the RC2110A controller. An optional duct humidity sensor can be assigned as a humidity high limit when needed.

RC2110B De-humidification Controller - If the average space humidity is higher than the average space humidity set point, the de- humidification equipment will be activated after a preset time delay (adjustable) by a relay output from the RC2110B controller.

The maximum radio transmission distance is dependent on building type. The maximum open-air transmission distance is one mile. In a typical commercial building with steel I-beam construction, concrete floors with reinforcing rod, and metal stud walls, it can be expected that transmissions will penetrate vertically through floors and horizontally through 200 to 500 feet of walls, furniture and air. Generally a wireless system will cover at least three floors - one floor above and one floor below the receiver location. In some buildings with favorable transmission characteristics the system may cover more floors.

Input Voltage:
  24 VAC 60 Hz (+10%/-15%)

Power Consumption:
  4 VA Maximum

  9-3/8” x 4-5/8” x 2-3/8”

Operating Conditions:
  Temperature 15 to 125 deg F
  Humidity 5 to 95% RH non-condensing

Sensor Indicating Ranges:
  Space Humidity, 0-100 % RH
  Duct Humidity, 0-100 % RH
  Accuracy, +/- 3% & +/- 2%

Control Output:
  Three terminals for control output (Common, Manual & Auto) – SPST N.O.
  Pilot Duty (1 amp max. at 24VAC)

Low Battery/Lost Transmitter Alarm Output:
  Pilot Duty Relay Contact (SPST N.O., 1 amp max. at 24 VAC)

Set Point Adjustment Range:
  5% to 95%

  NEMA4 Enclosure (Light Gray)
  Transparent Cover
  UL94V-2 Flammability Rating

RF Characteristics:
  Operating Frequency Channel 923.58 MHz o Receiver Sensitivity (avg. power)
  –107 dBm o Jam Resistance
  60 dB out-of-band rejection

  FCC part 15.247

Field Adjustable parameters:
  Space humidity set point
  Space set point differential
  Duct humidity high limit set point
  Duct high limit set point differential
  Day/night setpoints & schedule
  Time of day
  Output time delay
  Sensor high/low limit range (excludes a particular sensor from the average humidity calculation if its humidity is beyond the
  set point limit range)

LED display:
  Average space humidity
  Space sensors included in the average calculation
  Space humidity set point & differential
  Night mode set point offset
  Time of day & day/night schedule
  Duct humidity (optional)
  Duct high limit set point & differential
  Individual space humidity
  Low Battery & Lost Sensor Alarms
  Sensor limit range for calculation